My Land, My Courage, My Blood…..BORNEO (SABAH)

Sabah, popularly know as “The Land Below The Wind” is located in the North Borneo (Borneo Island) as part of Malaysia (declared independence on 16th September 1963 through Malaysia ( 31 August 1957 as Independence Day ). Malaysia is going a big way to attract tourist. In many ways, Malaysia is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination with tourist arrival growing to reach 1.5 billion by 2020. In Sabah, tourist arrival have also grown significantly over the years, and I understand that the visitor’s figures have broken the million marks since 2004. The World Trade and Tourism Council had placed Malaysia third among 174 countries for growth in the tourism sector this year, and 148th of 174 nations over the next 10-year period !
Sabah is an internationally known nature tourism destination….The World Heritage ! Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain reaching 4,101 metres above sea level and attracted so many tourists throughout the world as you can find different types of fauna and flora species; the largest flower in the world, the Rafflesia, Hot Springs, the climate or weather changes, food and beverages, affordable resorts, hotels, chalets or even bunks under the shaddy canopy trees or campings. Sabah is an enjoyable and affordable destination, whether it is for holiday and health tourism. Medical and healthcare charges are competitive. It is relatively unhurried and I would say it is an ideal place where healthcare and recuperating holiday packages can be customized and aggresively promoted overseas. Come to Malaysia, come to Sabah or you will miss something in your uncompleted journey…!!

"The Land Below The Wind"

Sabah Map


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    Review by Flora Fung (e-mail:
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    Availability of book

    Please visit Sabah State Library’s online catalogue at or call 088-256192 for more information.

    © Copyright 2008 Sabah State Library. All Rights Reserved

  2. Well guys…wanna share something? You’re welcomed to do so and plz do not hestitate to comment to…There a lot of things that we can do together and share to others too…Sharing is, in fact, interesting in a positively way…..we don’t share something that is not for public to know or privacy belongs to oneself…..

  3. Welcome to Kota Kinabalu Sabah…popularly known as North Borneo! Sabah is also known as ‘The Land Below the wind’ with Mt.Kinabalu, he highest mountain in Southeast Asia situated in Kundasang, Ranau….just about 2 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu city.
    Well, as a BorneoGuy what I am used to be…’re welcomed to share whatever experience you came across while in Sabah or climbing the mountain….or you may share something difference….leisure…politics, economy, health, way of life, sex or sex problems, brokenhearts, failures, newlife, motivations…..etc..etc….!

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